Somatic Wellness

Hello, I am Hina Sampat,
a certified Somatic Movement exercise instructor

Welcome to Somatic Wellness, where I help people get back to their best self by infusing Somatic Movement with Yoga.

What is Somatic Movements?

“Somatic” means of the body. 

Somatic movement is a healing journey we take with our body. Through somatic movement, we reconnect with our innate ability to self-heal. 

It is a western philosophy of unifying our body and mind through mindful movements. These intentional movements help us heal our body and revitalize our soul, so we can breathe new life into our days.

Somatic movement is for everyone, young or old.


Somatic Wellness

Why somatic wellness therapy?

Ease the pressures of life and stress through somatic movement, where we literally drain your body of these emotions, reducing their power, relieving pain, and increasing ease and joy, which will enable better sleep, healthier mind and a more balanced approach to your entire well being. 

Areas of Impact


Somatic movement is a mental health fitness goal between our breadth, mind and body. Teaching us how to breathe as we move, so we connect as we activate muscles, and can heal from mental challenges, and chronic pain. Somatic movement is a great way to start your fitness journey with yourself!


Oxygen breaks down fat in the body. Every Somatic movement session involves significant breadth work, as we breathe we take in oxygen. This breadth work also activates abdominal muscles, reduces stress, aids in weight loss and can even help prevent wrinkles!


Somatic movement enables the individual to mentally and physically connect with their mind and body, to reach a space of groundess and equilibrium. It can heal the body of chronic pain and ailments, giving us back our bodily freedom

One-on-One Sessions

(In-person / Online)

If you have a chronic health condition, or severe pain, such as arthritis, an autoimmune disease, high blood pressure, or lower back pain, an individual somatic session will help support you in your healing journey.

Each session includes individualised breathing & movement exercises.

Group Somatic Sessions

(In-person / Online)

Group classes are a beautiful way to experience the energetic healing power of somatics. As we move and connect inwards we create a fluid almost unintentional bond with our group, coming together in a safe space.

As we go deeper within ourselves the entire room transforms, each person on their own individual inner journey to connect, heal and reset. 

Chair Somatic Exercises

(In-person / Online)

If you have a disability or experience any discomfort that hinders you from standing or lying down with ease, we can adjust your somatic session and have you sit on a chair for all your exercises.

begin your journey today!!


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